McGregor Wells Hayslip

McGregor Wells Hayslip

Founder, Principal Consultant and Project Manager

McGregor Wells Hayslip brings over a decade of experience in education, research and analytics, sales and project management in sustainable and renewable energy. McGregor has a lifelong passion for environmental issues and has devoted his education, studies, and volunteerism to ways to reduce our footprint on the planet. In 2015, he founded Direct Current Solar with one mission in mind: to lead the local community and the world towards sustainable living.


McGregor’s experience includes work in a publicly traded solar company (RGS Energy), a pioneering environmental educational center (Solar Living Institute), a mid-sized professional marketing consulting firm (Priority Metrics Group ) and a small biodiesel production company (Piedmont Biofuels).


At RGS Energy, a Real Goods Solar Company, McGregor began his relationship with Marin County community and the greater Bay Area in contracting residential projects and building foundations in professional networks. During this time he was also responsible for training new employees and representing RGS at regional events. His commitment to improve and expand education on renewable energy is exemplified in the successful creation and implementation of an internship program at RGS Energy with the Marin School of Environmental Leadership.


At The Solar Living Institute (a pioneering environmental education center based in Mendocino county) McGregor led the solar power curriculum development and interactive education tours with regional schools. As a leader in the SLI SolFest he developed dynamic workshops and sought out dozens of expert speakers for the event. As an intern at SLI, McGregor lived in a community that implemented many ways of sustainable living—through gardening, rain collection, water purification, building construction, and generating power from the sun.


At Priority Metrics Group, McGregor provided complex market research and analytics to clients in the renewable energy sector. While at PMG, he directed a multi-phase research study of the global market for photovoltaic backsheet materials to assess market conditions for new cutting-edge proprietary technology—and conducted customer satisfaction surveys for companies in a broad range of market sectors.


At Piedmont Biofuels, McGregor constructed biodiesel production & processing units—including skid-mounted cavitators and research-scale biodiesel plants for local schools, major universities and rural advancement programs. In addition he conducted educational outreach demonstrations in technology and processes in public forums. He fully staffed the 2010 & 2011 Sustainable Biodiesel Summit respectively in Dallas, TX and Pittsboro, NC.


McGregor holds a BS in Geography with a Minor in City and Regional Planning from Appalachian State University. He holds Certificate Studies in Solar Wind and Power and in Biofuel Production and Sustainable Agriculture. He is an active volunteer at Habitat for Humanity, GRID Alternatives and Marin School of Environmental Leadership.