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“I used to spend thousands annually for my PGE residential electricity. After adding solar to my roof, the total annual electricity cost for our household was $82 in the first year! Thanks for helping us out.”

Ken - San Rafael, California

5.6kW solar PV with 200A service upgrade - (20) LG 280 modules with (20) Enphase M250 inverters

“McGregor Wells Hayslip was the main reason I went solar when I did. Without his help and guidance, I would not have understood the information with all the technical and mathematical terms and numbers. I also decided to go for a lease instead of a straight out purchase with all the information set in front of me it was the best course for my personal situation.”

Arlene - San Rafael, CA

9kW solar PV - (36) SolarWorld 250 modules with (36) Enphase M250 inverters

“Thank YOU for making this installation go so smoothly and unobtrusively.  While you and your team labored in smoky 110 degree heat, we were cavorting about the east coast not being at all helpful.  We are thrilled to be finally walking rather than just talking the talk and will move forward from here.  My next project will be to install the huge battery to collect unsaved power if that would be possible.”

Dave - Georgetown, CA

2.85kW solar PV with 200A service panel swap - (10) SolarWorld 285 modules with (10) Enphase M250 inverters